Art Supplies Info.

I put this page together for those who are interested in buying supplies other than the sets that I sell. Art supplies are included in the price of classes and workshops. 

All the supplies should be at the Art Emporium in the center of Needham. If not, there is  with a store on Brookline Ave near Kenmore Square. It's like Christmas for an artist to visit the Dick Blick store. They have everything! Parking is free (most times during the year, but not on Red Sox game nights),in the parking lot behind the store.  
Just validate your ticket. 

And now there is Michael's on Needham Ave in Newton. 

For All Mediums 
The plastic used to ‘grid’ reference material can be bought at Staples It's overhead projector film. Buy the cheapest, about $14 for 100 sheets. While you're at Staples pick up an extra thin Sharpie marker, and Scotch removable tape.

Pen and Ink
Make sure the ink is in a low heavy mug, like a soup mug. If it spills it will only spill into the mug. Once india ink gets in the carpet, there is no turning back! If you get non-waterproof
india ink, watercolor cannot be applied afterwards or the ink will spread, otherwise it is fine to use. Speedball sells many size pens and nibs. I buy Higgins ink.

Erasers, a small kneaded eraser, and a Pink Pearl

9" x 12" pad of bristol paper or sketching paper. We use Stathmore Bristol 300, vellum finish,  in the studio. Sometimes the plate finish will smudge the ink after watercolor is added.  It's surface is  coated.  

Ink pen holder and nib (the tip part). A standard thin nib is fine.

A small bottle of ink. Higgins brand comes in a small neck bottle. I like it because if it
does spill it spills at a slower pace.

Artist pencils, 2H, HB, 2B and 4B should be fine. Erasers, a small kneaded eraser, and a Pink Pearl. Paint: I buy either Cotman brand, a student grade of Windsor Newton watercolors. Small tubes are fine. A little goes a long way. The professional brand, 
Winsor Newton, have more of a color "punch', but they are more expensive.

Reds: Permanent Rose, Cadmium Red Scarlet (or it may be called Cadmium Red Pale), Burnt Sienna

Yellows: Raw Sienna, Cadmium Yellow Pale, 

Blues: Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine, and Cerulean Blue.

A cheap round plastic palette about $1 to $5.

Brushes: Round watercolor brushes, probably a size 6, 2.  A step above the student
quality should be fine. Sometimes you can buy agroup of different sizes in a package for less money. Make sure you don't buy a oil brushes. They are stiffer and are made to push heavier paint.

Watercolor paper: I buy 140lb. cold press. Arches. They can be bought in pads, blocks or sheets. Blocks can be fun.  They keep the paper flat while working.
Once the painting is done a small knife will detach it from the block. 

Artist pencils, 2H, HB, 2B and 4B should be fine.
Erasers, a small kneaded eraser, and a Pink Pearl.
9" x 12" pad of bristol paper and a box of craypas. 

Craypas do come in a more expensive quality. 
Sennelier brand is very well respected and the 
students who use them can tell a difference.
but you may not be able to get them at the Art Emporium and they are MUCH more expensive.

Nupastels is one brand and Rembrandt is another, Conte pencils are yet another option. 
The Nupastels are the thin, square sticks. Rembrandts are more expensive, better colors, 
fat and hard to use in smaller areas. Conti pencils are pastel in a wood like a pencil.  
They are more expensive but easier to use, but the color doesn't have the same punch 
as the Rembrandts.  

The Conti pencils are very popular, but a larger pencil sharpener is needed to frequently sharpen them.