Art 2021

Summer Schedule:

If you are interested, let me know! Ages 8 to 16 in the summer.  

Starting the week of June 14th and going through the last week of August.

Options are Monday through Thursday, 10 to noon or 9:30 to noon.

Monday through Friday, 10 to noon or 9:30 to noon.

This is about the same as other years.  I do not have Paypal buttons this year. I will send an invoice once I know you are interested.  The fee is $22 and hour with a discount after many weeks. I would suggest no more than three weeks.  It may be too much for some.  

Send an email if you have questions, and dates your artist is interested in attending.  I have all the supplies.  I no longer have snacks.  I have tap water. If the students want a snack or drink, please send them with it.

I would also like to try a few adult classes in the mornings this spring if anyone is interested.  I started one that was working out well just before the shut down.  :-(  Spring classes for the kids...I need another week to sort out a few more things.  

Spring after school...I need to think out a few more things.

My YouTube station has been around for a while and there are some drawing tutorials if you are interested. As usual, make sure you 'like' and 'subcribe' to my station if you think it is worthy.


Karen Jerome Skillins

I hope all are doing well, surviving and taking deep breaths.  

Take care!!!!!!!!!