About the Studio

Karen Jerome Skillins, the owner of Art in Needham, has been in her Needham, Massachusetts studio since 1990. She is the illustrator of numerous children’s books, winner of major art awards and an exhibitor in national and international exhibitions. Teaching is also a passion and the studio has been a place for creative minds to expand for over fifteen years.

Students are encouraged to draw and paint from reference material that interests them while guidance is offered toward improved drawing skills and color theory. 

Age requirements:
School vacation classes, ages 8 to 17
After school classes, ages 9 to 17

This brochure is an example of one teaching method that is used with new students. 
I call it ‘training wheels’ for the new artists. It seems to work well for most. But if it is not the way the some students learn, we have other strategies!

A class usually includes a ten minute model sketch (the model being one of the students in the class). During the rest of the class, students work on their own projects at their own speed using media that may include watercolors, pencil, colored pencils, pastels, oil pastels, pen and ink and/or acrylics. Karen and the studio helpers work with all students. Drafting tables are separated to promote better focus. A large photo reference file is available with animals, landscapes, people, cartoons and more. Students are also encouraged to look through art books and still life objects for inspiration.