Summer Art...I am not sure of anything!!  

I would say 40-50% likely to open in a smaller capacity, but even with that and the rules in place at the moment, how do we teach in that studio with a 6’ separation?  Tweens and teens seem to have less of a chance of getting the coronavirus.  Me, I’m older and worried.  High School students who work, not sure if their parents want them in the studio on a daily basis.

If you want to give me a week that children would like to attend, I can pencil them in and see what happens, no money needed.  

A good friend works with bigger day care centers across the country.  Many have opened or are about to open. They are to stay six feet apart.  It’s mayhem.  No one knows how to do this with small children.  I’m almost in that category.  I'm also watching to see what Charles River Camp is doing. By mid June I need to make a decision.

That’s the best I can tell you.  Wish I was more positive.  It's a hard decision!