Summer Art...Yes...almost 85%  I need until this weekend to figure out a few more things.
I want to make sure all is being done to be as safe as possible,
and within the new business rules of the state.

We have been using separating techniques, more for focusing and limiting the conversation between the students. Cardboard walls will be replaced and be given one more function!

We will have eight students per class maximum and two helpers.
That will eliminate five people.

We will have one morning class per day in the summer.
We will not have an afternoon class.
The same students will sit at the same desks each day.

I have older high school students who want to work!  Great!

I will need a to get a few more sanitizing set ups for washing hands, cleaning brushes and pencils, etc.

Masks will be mandatory, maybe gloves, but not sure yet, but could be a help with spreading germs.

We will figure out the sanitation of the brushes and paints.

I will meet with helpers this weekend to go over protocol.