Spring 2021

Posted:February 26, 2021

Yes the studio is still there, but closed.  It is probably the neatest studio in Massachusetts, but neat is usually not synonymous with an art studio.

Mid March the landlord will be putting in five new windows.  He ordered them in late August.  They finally came in!  That brings us to April.  I'm betting all will be signing up for sports.  That's when the kids are ready to go out and run around and don't want to come to art....but this is a very different year.  I'll have to see.  A month in this era can be a long time.

I will definitely open for the summer.  I LOVE teaching in the summer and getting home before dark! By then I hope to be vaccinated.  If things are held up until the fall....I have to think about the studio's future.....I also hope to do more classes in the morning with adults if there is an interest!

I have been working and posting on my YouTube station.  I have been the student, not the teacher during my covid vacation. I am learning Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects and am totally enjoying it! This is my first short animation: 


My YouTube station has been around for a while and there are some drawing tutorials if you are interested. As usual, make sure you 'like' and 'subcribe' to my station if you think it is worthy.


Karen Jerome Skillins


I hope all are doing well, surviving and taking deep breaths.  

Take care!!!!!!!!!