The studio is closed on days when the Needham Public Schools are closed, including snow days and holidays. Classes will run on half school days. If your family celebrates more holidays than the Needham School system permits, and your student will be missing a class because of it, you will forfeit that class. 

Eight years olds are welcome during the school vacations if they are able to sit and concentrate for an extended period of time.  If they are younger eight year olds, with shorter attention spans, they should wait until they are older. Children who are too active may bother the concentration of the other students.

Missed classes: If a student misses a class, an effort will be made to find a time to make up the class, but not promised. If the studio is given ample time to allow someone else to take the space of an absent student, a make up class is usually found.  

Drawing from the imagination is difficult to teach. I suggest to students that they do this type of work at home and learn techniques of drawing and painting at the studio.